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Tuning Secrets of the AGT Vixen PCP Airgun, a Compact .177 Caliber Backyard Friendly Pellet Pusher

08 July 2024 / 125 views / Wisconsin AirGunners

Tuning Secrets of the AGT Vixen PCP Airgun, a Compact .177 Caliber Backyard Friendly Pellet Pusher

The Vixen from AGT, or Air Gun Technology, is a pre-charged pneumatic rifle that has been on my radar for a while, so when the chance to put one through its paces appeared, I pounced.

I was planning to do my regular Box to Bench treatment on it, but the unit that was available had been a demo unit and wasn't shooting at the specified velocity. I could, however, take it home from the Rocky Mountain Airgun Challenge and work on it here. One in the hand being worth two in the bush, I decided that the timing was right so I said, "let's go." The one that was available was in .177 cal, perfect for backyard pest control.

In the spirit of full disclosure this video is sponsored by @UtahAirguns and you should expect to see other videos with this pellet rifle in the near future.

What you'll see in this first video is a description of what to do if you have a restrictor installed, how to degas the airgun, what the regulator will look like in the normal range of adjustment and how to adjust the hammer spring to balance the regulator pressure. I also discuss how I tune to achieve that balance and ultimately arrive at a stable tune with a workable velocity spread. I also shoot a pair of groups to give you a (very) rough idea of the air rifle's accuracy potential.

I say rough (very) idea because I'm using an unmagnified red-dot at 15 yards. While it's adequate for tuning work and fast-action plinking, at my age it's hardly the solution for precision shooting at small targets. This (and possibly the final tune) will be revisited in a second video in the near future. I have an optic on the way that I think is going to be a great compliment to this lightweight pesting rig.

From everything I can surmise, AGT built the Vixen to be adjustable (hammer spring up or down) but not really fully tunable (regulator adjusted). You might ask, why do a tuning video on it? The answer is simple. Others might get one, like I did, with an air-restrictor installed, or one that had the regulator adjusted ineffectively, and since I was going through the process and learning new stuff, I might as well share that knowledge with you.

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