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Part 2 w the Airforce Escape UL .25 cal Truck Gun, Targeting 10 Shots over 60 FPE w new AEA Pellets

08 February 2024 / 168 views / Wisconsin AirGunners

Part 2 w the Airforce Escape UL .25 cal Truck Gun, Targeting 10 Shots over 60 FPE w new AEA Pellets

Just after publishing the first video with the Airforce Escape UL we received a shipment of the New AEA Center Punch Diabolo pellets in .25 caliber. These pellets weigh in at a very consistent 33.9 grains, and seem to be made with a little harder lead than the JSB variety I normally use. Since I was doing a bit of tuning anyway, it seemed like a perfect time to do a little field testing out to 50 yards on the outdoor range.

It didn't take too much to get the velocity I was looking for out of the Escape UL. Airforce built this airgun to make maximum power from a small-bottled, ultralight truck gun, but I wanted it all. Good power AND multiple shots at a consistent velocity. At least consistent for an unregulated airgun.

60 FPE was my target for 10 shots on a fill.

I learned a few things about tuning the Escape, and here is the most important one...You have to start with consistent tank pressure for every adjustment. Fill the tank, make your adjustment, shoot the string, lather rinse and repeat. If you make adjustments farther down the fill you will likely find the results don't repeat after you top off. It's an unregulated airgun, which keeps it simple for the kinds of circumstances where simplicity is a virtue.

The accuracy is just OK at 50 yards right now. That wlll be the next challenge. I'd like to cut the group size in half. See you next time!

For the benefit of any YouTube reviewers, this video includes shooting of a pre-charged pneumatic airgun on a closed, private range, with all applicable safety measures in place. There are no firearms used in this video.

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