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Installation Guide for the Saber Tactical Chassis for the Avenge-X PCP Pellet Rifle by AirVenturi

10 February 2024 / 146 views / Wisconsin AirGunners

Installation Guide for the Saber Tactical Chassis for the Avenge-X PCP Pellet Rifle by AirVenturi

My Avenger and Avenge-X videos are some of my most watched, and it's not really surprising why. They both represent pre-charged pneumatic pellet guns that perform way above their price-point. Great performance and great value create interest, and translate to views.

Saber Tactical is one of the premier manufacturers of accessories for airguns. They've made all the "must have" accessories for the FX Impact, chassis for the Dreamline, Crown and HM1000X but until now that treatment has been reserved for airguns with a price-tag north of 1K$, and sometimes well north...

Now Avenge-X shooters have a quality built, feature rich platform to all kinds of shooting, from pest control off a tripod out west to bench shooting out east or PRS shooting, well, everywhere.

The Chassis is easy to install. Taking the stock furniture off the Tactical version of the Avenge-x takes way longer than putting it in the Chassis.

In this video I do an overview of features, walk through the un-installation of the old parts and finally installation of the new ones. It's all there so no matter whether you buy it, either new or second hand (don't hold your breath...but these videos tend to live forever) you should have all the info you need to the process is a breeze.

As far as features go, you get both picatinny and ARCA Swiss, QD swivel sling stud holes, MLok, a cover for the hammer spring adjuster, AR grip capability and the choice of re-using the buffer tube and stock from the original build or the capacity to add a buffer tube and stock of your own.

The conversion depicted here is from the Avenge-X Tactical to the Saber Chassis, but the process to convert from one of the other variants will be essentially similar, if not a little easier given the monolithic nature of the other Avenge-X stocks.

For anyone reviewing this video, the transition described here is being done on an air powered pellet rifle, not a firearm, and there is no shooting in this video.

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