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FX Impact M3 .30 caliber air rifle from Box to Bench in 20 Minutes-First shots at 57 and 103 yards

02 July 2021 / 899 views / Wisconsin AirGunners

FX Impact M3 .30 caliber air rifle from Box to Bench in 20 Minutes-First shots at 57 and 103 yards

The FX Impact M3 was announced just a few months ago and had new features interesting enough to me that I wanted to get my hands on one. Which meant selling my trusted original Impact. Utah Airguns will buy outright or sell on consignment high end airguns in good shape, and so I enlisted their assistance with the sale, and when that was done, I placed my order.

In early June, while attending to the burial of my father at Arlington, my new rifle arrived at the front door of the #backyardrange and while I was driving home to meet it, I had an idea.

What if I showed the world the first shots? What if I just opened the box and shot it? @Cyclops Videos Joe W Rhea please relax. This is not an unboxing video, and you will not develop any rashes or additional personal trauma from watching it. I promise!

Have you ever thought about a rifle and wondered how it will really shoot out of the box? Well, this is the video for you. What you will see is me opening the box, bolting on a few essentials, and shooting it. First a five shot group at 50 yards (I spared you shots 2-8, which was sight in) and then the next 12 shots (I lost count) at 103 yards.

You will see it through the scope, and then you'll see close ups of the measured groups.

You might watch the video and say that this rifle isn't as good as some other one. If that's what you are thinking, show me the groups.

You might watch the video and say I'm not a very good shot. Well, let's see the video where you take a rifle from a box and shoot it on camera at 100 yards.

I also threw in a couple of snapshots from groups I shot the following day. Even a TwistX barrel can benefit from some leading in.

This paragraph is for YouTube.
By the way, this Impact was purchased by me, and I bought it to enjoy shooting it. It's an airgun. It shoots pellets. It's not a firearm.

For more information about the gear used in this video, check out the following links:

FX Impact M3 .30 cal

Element Optics Titan 5-25X56 FFP APR1-C Scope

Saber Tactical Adjustable Butt Pad and ARCA Swiss Rail

DonnyFL Ronin

Side Shot Scope Cam mount for Mobile Phone

Tactacam 5.0 wide angle camera
Accu-Tac FC-4 G2 Bipod

JSB Pellets in .30 caliber
and fine retailers everywhere.

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