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100 Yard-Off Hand-Soda Can with the .22 cal FX Impact MK1

15 June 2020 / 38 views / Wisconsin AirGunners

100 Yard-Off Hand-Soda Can with the .22 cal FX Impact MK1

As a follow-up to the #singleshotsaturday​ bench shot at 100 yards, and in response to my friend Enrique’s challenge (if you don’t know Enrique, follow him @Survival.MX on Instagram) I took the .22 cal, Ken Hick’s tuned FX Impact and recreated the shot at 100 yards off-hand.
100 yards is about as far as I can go on my property while maintaining a safe backstop and fallout zone so I’ll have to take a road trip if we’re going to stretch this thing out any farther.
Off-hand is harder-but it’s worth giving it a try if you’ve got the space!

The rifle in this video is a MK1 FX Impact power tuned by Ken Hicks of Southern Precision Air Weapons. In addition to the installation of a M14 external plenum it has been machined in several key places to allow all of that air to pass through cleanly so that it can propel the JSB Redesigned pellet at a super smooth 905 FPS. When you watch the slow motion (there is SLOW-MO!) notice how little recoil you see in the video and compare that to a lot of the other guns you see on YouTube. Ken can get your PCP to shoot that smoothly.

Websites for products referenced or used in the creation of this video include:
Southern Precision Air Weapons
Saber Tactical
SideShot Scope Cam
JSB Match Diabolo
Predator International
Optisan Optics

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