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FX Impact Saber Tactical Virtual Speed Challenge vs Matt Dubber

02 June 2020 / 827 views / Up North Airgunner

2nd Jun 2020
The FX Impact has proven itself as one of the most accurate airgun platforms in the world, but can you be accurate AND fast? The FX Impact has racked up more competition finals and podium showings that any other airgun on the market in recent years.

After visiting a few of the major airgun shooting competitions here in the United States over the last year, I set out to see how fast I could get with my FX Impact. I consider myself a good instinctive shooter, but shooters like Ken Hicks, John Bagakis, Tom Adams, Matt Dubber, and others have taken the craft of speed shooting to the next level.

In this video I got to sit down with Matt Dubber from South Africa (virtually) and talk with him about his techniques and how to compete at high levels. I decided to also turn this video into a fun virtual head-to-head speed challenge to see how I stacked up against Matt's insanely fast shooting skills.

I was standing right behind Matt at the 2019 Pyramyd Air Cup Gunslynger competition videoing his performance and was able to set a stop watch to see exactly how fast he really was. In order to make this head-to-head as fair as possible I needed to use the same targets as was used at the Pyramyd Air Cup Gunslynger Challenge. So I contacted RX Target Systems, the official target provider for that event, to tell them what I was planning. Sure enough David had a set left over from last year!

But I was going to need to trick out my FX Impact MKI to have any chance against Dubber! The FX Impact has a lot of 3rd party accessories that can take you and your gun from good to great across all shooting disciplines. Saber Tactical has come out with a series of accessories for the Impact that can take your gun to the next level. Partnering with Ken Hicks from Southern Precision Air Weapons (SPAW), I set out to create the ultimate speed competition airgun.

The Saber Tactical Pump Kit, Bag Rider, and Butt stock for the FX Impact are hands down some of the slickest accessories I have ever seen for an airgun. The guys at Saber engineer the heck out of everything they touch and these FX Impact Accessories are no exception. Ken Hicks / SPAW also did a TON of modifications and tuning to take this bone stock original FX Impact MKI up to and beyond factory MKII specs.

So was I able to beat the South African, flip flop wearing, king of airgun speed shooting? Watch to find out!

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