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FX Airguns: All Hail the New King .30 cal - Featuring GRS Rifle Stocks

15 November 2023 / 218 views / Up North Airgunner

FX Airguns: All Hail the New King .30 cal - Featuring GRS Rifle Stocks

The all FX Airguns King is the newest variant of the FX Dynamic Block and this just might be my favorite yet. In this video we will take a first look at this new airgun from FX and take a technical deep dive into the innovative valving and plenum system as well as the ergonomic features of the GRS Rifle Stock.

I chose the FX King .30 cal 600mm barrel as I have found that tuning for .30 cal pellets and slugs is one of the easier calibers to tune. For an even bigger challenge I set out to perform a dual pellet / slug tune working of the same regulated pressure. Why you ask? We will cover the external ballistic differences between pellets and slugs and depending on your hunting situation, pellets might be a safer bet.

When it gets into October I am in the woods and hunting hard switching from archery to big bore airgun Deer hunting to small game hunting with small bore PCP airguns. I was in the market for a new mobile compressor and needed to find one that had some dummy proof features to ensure a long operational life. I have had some bad run of luck with these small box compressors, but the fault point has been user error each time. After getting a great reccomendation from PJ Clarke from Wisconsin Airgunners, the Lil Foot 2.0 Portable Compressor so far has earned my recommendation as being reliable and dummy proof. Pro tip: READ THE MANUAL!

Stay tuned for more airgun hunting action as I wrap up the 2023 Deer season and set my sights on small game throughout the rest of the fall and winter. I am setting this gun up for squirrel, rabbit, and even ruffed grouse hunting. Will the FX King live up to it royal namesake? Early testing indicates this rig can be one of the most accurate and flexible hunting airguns in my arsenal. Stay tuned!

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