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Airforce Texan .357 Hits Golf Ball at 350 Yards! Long Ranger Challenge

24 August 2017 / 117 views / Up North Airgunner

Aug 24th 2017 Turns out the AirForce Texan is a LONG RANGE SHOOTER! Like our UpNorthAirgunner videos? Use this link to shop AirGun Depot for all of your ammo and airgun equipment to help us keep this channel going: 350 Yards Golf Ball Shot - Long Ranger Contest Rifle = Airforce Texan .357 - w/ homemade ABS shroud with rubber end cap at the muzzle and Sharpshooter X-Ring Barrel De-resonator replacing the factory decorative cap (helped with bad harmonics). Scope = SNIPER 6-24X50 Tank Pressure = 2900 PSI (tethered to 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber Tank) Pellet = 128 gr. AeroMagnum Velocity = 900-950 FPS

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