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Pard DS35 70RF Gen.2 unboxing, what's changed since gen.1?

17 September 2023 / 56 views / RussDouglas 222

Pard DS35 70RF Gen.2 unboxing, what's changed since gen.1?

Sportsman Gun Centre (SGC) kindly lent me a brand-new gen.2 Pard DS35-70RF to review (including with UK NV guru Bruce), so I start here with a quick unboxing, then point-out the one visible difference between this and the gen.1 scope.

The vertically adjustable EagleVision mounts I have on my gen.1 DS35-50RF are here:
…and my video showing how to best use them with the DS35 series is here:

00:15 Introduction
01:29 Unboxing.
05:54 the only external/visible difference between the new gen.2 and existing gen.1 DS35.
09:07 Coming soon.

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