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HIKMICRO Explorer E20 spotter and Stellar SH50 scope Pt.2 - RATTING

19 August 2023 / 126 views / RussDouglas 222

HIKMICRO Explorer E20 spotter and Stellar SH50 scope Pt.2 - RATTING

One of my local farm owners called me with a request for help, to clear-out the bulk of his rat problem before he started bringing-in his harvest.
I set to work with my Airmaks Krait (.177” sub-12), HIKMICRO Stellar SH50 scope for targeting and Explorer E20 thermal plug-in for handy/uber-portable spotting.
Here in part 2-of-2 I share the actual ratting footage recorded by the SH50 scope, with Explorer E20 spotter footage interspersed throughout.

00:15 Introduction, quick routine zero check to start.
01:16 Spotting and ratting.
17:19 Coming soon.

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Photos accompanying my written Airgun World magazine review and this video are in my Flickr album here

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