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HIKMICRO Alpex A50T (pt.1 2) unboxing and IR setup

15 November 2022 / 182 views / RussDouglas 222

HIKMICRO Alpex A50T (pt.1 2) unboxing and IR setup

Thanks very much to BlackwoodOutdoors for loaning Bruce (resident NV gruru @phoenix on the UK NV forum) and I this new cutting-edge day/dusk/night scope for 100% independent and impartial review.

00:17 Introduction and mentioning my review of the Pulsar Thermion2 LRF XQ50 is coming soon.
03:19 Alpex A50T unboxing.
11:02 The supplied LED IR torch’s fully adjustable QD IR torch mount.
13:17 Intro to some outdoor night footage, where I explain aligning the IR torch, then show some comparative Alpex and PARD008S-LRF footage.
15:19 You can see the Alpex looks a lot clearer than the Pard with the LED IR torch, though I’d normally use more IR when out with the Pard, i.e. the Pard’s own VCSEL IR illuminator, or an external one to make the Pard’s battery life last all night.
16:39 Alpex’ LED IR off, PARD’s VCSEL on…
17:12 The Pard008s-LRF has 6.5x or 13x zoom, the Alpex is 1x (3.5x mag), 2x (7x Mag) or 4x (14x mag).
19:29 Pard off then Alpex back into day mode, to show the grass still looks green from a tiny amount of little spilling across from the range to the right.
20:12 Pard008S-LRF back on in day mode, to show it doesn’t have the Alpex’ sensitivity.
20:32 Rounding off, then coming soon.

Flickr album with photos accompanying this review

For anyone looking for a pair of fishing coasters to help adjust stiff objective lenses

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