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Replica Airguns June Mystery Box Unboxing

07 June 2024 / 38 views / Replica Airguns

Replica Airguns June Mystery Box Unboxing

Another Unboxing Update Video taking a look at two Rifles and two Revolvers. A shell loading CO2 dual ammo 1875 single action Remington branded Revolver from Crosman, an 1858 single action CO2 BB Revolver from Barra, another Barra product kind of like a Red Ryder BB Riffle but in dual ammo version with a much different loading system called the Barra 1866, and lastly a Cybergun CO2 Airsoft MP40 with a very different magazine setup than I have seen before.

Crosman - Remington CO2 BB/Pellet 1875 Revolver:

Barra CO2 BB 1858 Single Action Revolver:

Barra Lever Action BB/Pellet 1866 Junior Rifle:

Cybergun MP40 CO2 Blowback Airsoft Rifle:

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