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Ballista Bat Crossbow Review from Pyramyd Insyder Ron

05 October 2023 / 55 views / Pyramyd Air

Ballista Bat Crossbow Review from Pyramyd Insyder Ron

In this video, we're diving into the incredible world of archery and crossbow hunting with the Ballista BAT Reverse Compound Crossbow. If you're looking to realize true power in a compact package, this is the crossbow for you!

🏹 Key Features:
Speed: Shoots bolts up to a blazing 420 FPS.
Portability: Compact enough to fit inside a standard-size backpack.
Versatility: Ideal for hunting game, target practice, and bowfishing.

🎯 Enhanced Design:
The Ballista BAT boasts a unique reverse limb design, offering a longer power stroke. This innovation keeps the bolt in contact with the string for extended periods during the shot, resulting in higher speeds. The reversed limbs also help redistribute weight towards the archer, enhancing aiming stability.

🌲 Perfect for the Field:
Measuring just 16" in length and 9" in width (5" when cocked) and weighing a mere 3 lbs, this crossbow is your ideal field companion. With a 150 lbs draw weight, it can take down bigger game like deer and hogs.

🏹 Effortless Loading:
Loading is a breeze with the self-retracting cord tensioner, reducing the draw weight down to 50 lbs. Whether you're in a tree stand, stalking on the ground, or fishing from a boat, you can load it with ease. Just pull the rope straight back, and once the string clicks into the trigger, it's ready to fire.

🔭 Expand Your Aiming Options:
A Picatinny rail accommodates various sighting systems, from red dots to thermal optics and night vision scopes. You can even add a bottom Picatinny rail for extra versatility to suit your specific needs.

🦌 Hunt or Fish with Confidence:
Whether you're out hunting big game or trying your hand at bowfishing by the lake, the Ballista BAT Reverse Compound Crossbow has got you covered with speeds reaching up to 420 FPS. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your archery game.

Ready to experience the power and precision of the Ballista BAT Reverse Compound Crossbow? Head over to Pyramyd Air and grab yours today!

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