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When our good friend Justin said he knew some ranchers that needed help taking care of a squirrel problem, we packed some guns, and hit the road for California. We had a great couple days and helped take care of over 1200 ground squirrels! It was a great trip, with great people and we are excited to share the content with you.

We used a variety of guns in the video including:

- FX Wildcat MKIII .30 - The Hammer
- FX Impact Compact .22 - StormTrooper
- FX Impact MKII .25 - Goldie
- RAW HM1000x Chassis Gun .25 - FDE
- Dream-Tact .25 - Saber Tactical Chassis

Stay tuned for part 2 that will be releasing very soon. We hope you enjoy the video, please comment, like & subscribe!

-Utah Airguns

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