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Trijicon at the Dallas Safari Club . Trijicon Ascent , trijicon Credo , Trijicon Tenmile , trijicon tenmile hx , trijicon tactical , trijicon Ventus , and trijicon credo hx all debuted ar this show . Great hunting and long range scopes . Guys her is a link to trijicon video breakdown on each scope line . Trijicon Ascent . https://youtu.be/90BVea957l0

Trijicon Credo . https://youtu.be/G3biTlM6vG4

Trijicon accupoint . https://youtu.be/VcJebFR_GXw

Trijicon tenmile . https://youtu.be/btkpv455Dy0

Trijicon tenmile hx . https://youtu.be/CHjxsLE7sg0

Trijicon Ventus . https://youtu.be/A5c6WJCpXkI

Rifle scope basics for beginners. Rifle Scope Basics https://youtu.be/Q_kfpn7hL4A

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