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For years break barrels have given the airgunner the best bang for his or her buck, but recently the bang has become even bigger, and now break barrels can be more powerful than some PCPS! Grab a bowl of Wheaties and a can of spinach, because is bringing you our list of the Top 5 Most Powerful Break Barrels! The FPE of each gun (measured with a 14.3 Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum for the .22 caliber guns, and with a JSB 44.75gr for the Hatsan) is listed below. !!!!!!! Spoilers!!!!!!!!

#5 Benjamin Trail NP2:

FPE: 21.6 #4 Diana 350:

FPE: 21.8 #3 SIG ASP 20:

FPE: 24.3 #2 Gamo Swarm Magnum:

FPE:28 #1

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