Airgun Antidote / 151 Views /  08-11-2019

We showed off this model of a German "Tiger" tank before, including the conversion to fire a heavy bolt at around 50 ft-lb of energy... using compressed air and a remotely controlled servo as a "trigger".

But many fans wanted a "FPV" type camera on the tank so you can really aim with the bolt shooter from a completely remote location, even without any eyesight on the combat field.

We settled for a used "Apecam" camera that features a WiFi connection between the camera and a smart phone. Properly installed on the tank, it does its job just fine!

A custom made (or, better, hacked together) holder now keeps all three control devices in one place: The orginal tank RC, the garage door opener that fires the gun, and the iPhone that connects to the FPV camera.

This toy tank is now a serious piece of home defense! :)

A "The Slingshot Channel" Production.

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