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4th Sept 2019
The modern Bullpup system is known for moving the magazine and chamber behind the trigger. This shortens the overall rifle but the length of barrel remains the same. Accuracy remains constant with having less length and weight to deal with. Taipan itself is characterized by great workmanship, high quality manufacturing and great accuracy.

Some of the features unique to the TAIPAN Veteran are:


Anti Double Feed Mechanism
20MOA Scope One-Piece Rail
Smooth side cocking lever.
Adjustable trigger system
Single-Shot Tray & 2 Magazines.
Cocking through the side lever is very smooth and comfortable. Thanks to a innovative mechanism, the barrel can not be jammed with a double-feed. At the top of rifle we can find a classic 22mm weaver rail for mounting optic system. Compared to previous models, it is inclined by 20MOA. Rail is made from one piece and therefore it is in the same axis with barrel. Taipan is already equipped with a great internal silencer, which will provide sufficient absorption while shooting. Taipan is known for one of the best trigger mechanism which offers variable resistance and dropdown adjustment. Manual safety can be found in the trigger guard. Whole stock is finished with rubber butt
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