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Erlis and I hook a big Snake Head about 15 minute after we meet each other for the first time....
I had so much fun with him and will be back soon!
Check His Channel out here:

This is Part 3 of Day 3,
It took the first half of the day to trust my instinct and my gun after I had a few shots miss the target, but once I started trusting my gun I was cracking out head shots.

The BIG MONSTER you see me shoot through a few leaves towards the end was my trophy of the trip. I had seen him days earlier and wasn't able to get a shot, I was dreaming of this guy and luckily enough I was able to get my sights on him. He was taken at Orion The Iguana hunter's permission. He was a Alpha Male and was covered in battle scars on top go that he was missing a few fingers. This guy was a beast right until the end and even with a perfectly placed head shot had enough fight left to tear my arms up leaving me with a few scars to remember him by, it took an additional point blank safety shot to the top of his head and my knife to completely turn him off.

I hope you like it and Thanks for watching.

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.22 cal - Taipan Veteran Short
JSB - Hades
Sightmark Core TX 4-16x44mm MR
Burris P.E.P.R. One Piece Mount
3D Printed Red Mag Holders

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