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April 24th 2018 Mark your calendar for June 21st - 23rd! The event will be hosted at Garth Killpack shooting range in Springville, Utah at the mouth of the beautiful Hobble Creek Canyon. Come experience a high-altitude airgun competition like no other! Courses designed by professional shooters and military special ops. Come meet pros like Matt Dubber and Ted Bier! Join us on June 20th (the day before the competition starts) for a FREE long range shooting course from legend Jim Smith, Ex-Delta Force sniper. Registration will give you the option to compete in all events. Challenges include (DETAILS COMING SOON): - Big Bore & Slug Competiton - 75 & 100 Yard Benchrest - Man VS Man Speed Challenge - Precision Rifle Course

Here at Utah Airguns we don't just sell airguns and accessories, we USE them! We are avid airgunners and expect the highest quality and performance from our products. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new rookie to the airgun life, our first hand experience offers valuable insight you won't find anywhere else when choosing your next airgun!


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