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4th Nov 2019
This is the NEW Sen-X Onyx Tactical Crossbow Powdered by STEAMBOW!

I just had the most EPIC 24 hours of Deer hunting in my LIFE!!!! Biggest buck of my life and I got him with the NEW Air Powered STEAMBOW / Sen-Onyx Tactical Crossbow from Pyramyd Air! Check it out: https://www.pyramydair.com/s/m/Sen_X_...

A HUGE and I mean HUGE thank you to Val Gamerman and Tyler Patner from Pyramyd Air for selecting me for the first demo run of this new device here in Michigan.

HUGE shout out to Tactacam and the entire Team over there and Chad Simon from Lethal Air who convinced me this video kit is a MUST have for any serious hunter! This Deer would not have been recovered without the 4K video evidence taken with the new 5.0 Tactacam Kit!

After reviewing the footage right off the STEAMBOW crossbow mount WHILE SITTING IN MY BLIND, I knew the shot was further back than I hoped. I didn’t even bother to start tracking knowing this was going to be a 4 hour wait for a Liver shot or even 12 hours if it was into his guts.

Got home and imported the video onto my laptop and decided to wait till morning to start tracking with some help from my new best friend Fred the dog from Find It Fred Deer Tracking Service.

This buck was spooked the second he stepped into the field with tail flickering and licking that nose. He had eyes on me the second he stepped out. Flipped the safety on the Sen-Onyx from Steambow and he turned just a bit quartering towards me.

At 30 yards I needed to miss that front shoulder so I came back a bit - I came back maybe a bit too far because the second I let loose of that bolt he hit the deck and ducking fast. I saw right away it was further back and hit high when he jumped the string.

Fred the dog and his trainer Tony Hall showed up this morning and we found blood right away. Fred tracked with laser focus and was on a mission from GO! Went 100 yards in a direction I would not have thought and we found him within minutes. The Deer only bleed for about 20 yards and then nothing. Without Fred it would have taken me hours of grid searching because I thought he cut due South when he cut again Northeast.

During field dressing we found the arrow broken but still hanging out and the broad head stuck right through the back left lung and center punched the Liver and embedded in a backside rib.

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