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May 15th 2019 WARNING - WARNING - WARNING THIS VIDEO CONTAINS PEST CONTROL FOOTAGE - MICE ARE GOING TO BE SHOT! Let’s take out the Umarex Fusion .177 and do some pest control on our little ranch. The mice have been ruining the garden and stealing chicken feed. Its time to put a stop to that! In this video the scope footage was provided by Phone Skope, these things work awesome! The Fusion is a great little CO2 gun and its perfect for this type of use because it has plenty of power for mice, it is light weight so its easy to get on target with off hand shooting and it is ACCURATE! I really enjoyed this video I hope you airgunners out there will also. If you want to get an accurate and fun to shoot gun take a look at the fusion. It has the accuracy of a PCP yet runs on just CO2 so that makes this an easy setup to get started with. The construction of this gun is mostly metal and the overall quality is superb. It is super quiet with the SiclenceAir suppressor so the mice wont hear you coming and neither will your neighbors if you just want to do some backyard plinking. Get your Fusion direct from Umarex. https://www.umarexusa.com/umarex-fusion Pellets used are the Barracuda Match .177 https://www.pyramydair.com/s/p/H_N_Ba... Phone Skope for the scope cam footage. USE CODE AIRGUNWEB10 FOR FREE GEAR! https://www.phoneskope.com/ About AirgunWeb & Dog River Design, LLC. Thank you for watching AirgunWeb.com and AirgunWebTV. For more information, or to learn how to have your products represented on the show, please visit: https://www.airgunweb.com and https://www.airgunwebtv.com. AirgunWeb & AirgunWebTV are produced by Dog River Design, LLC. https://www.dogriverdesign.com. AirgunWeb & AirgunWebTV Content Disclaimer: https://www.airgunwebtv.com/content-d...

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