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Mean crazy bizarre YouTube comments I have gotten over the last 3 years . This is part 2 of 3 videos like this . Below you will see a link to part 1 and some other videos I think you might enjoy from me and a couple of my friends . Thanks so much for watching and sharing my videos . This mean comments videos are some of the most fun to make videos I’ve made so far . I don’t take the mean comments to heart , it’s all in good fun .

Here is the link to Part 1 . Mean YouTube Comments https://youtu.be/vnXf4G7yLyA

Here are some others I hope you like . Best Air Rifle Scope Review https://youtu.be/skPPslQ3Nig
UTG Scope Review . UTG Scope Review https://youtu.be/jqhnh6lCGmk
Airgun Stereotypes. https://youtu.be/A4JMZbmxECo
Steve shoots farm equipment . https://youtu.be/SxRkZeWwWvs
Full auto Granny . https://youtu.be/Iz2LHk7U8jU
Iguana pest control . https://youtu.be/38Jspr3s3bQ
Invasive Iguana Hunt . https://youtu.be/i4EPqYjXE40

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