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 Air Velocity Sport / 25 Views /  17-02-2018

Feb 17th 2018 In this video I show case the Talon Tunes carbon fiber bottle & Troy Hammer's (Annihilator Airguns & Tuning) Valve modification. This good looks and feels amazing and shoots a JSB King Heavy 33.95 grain Pellet 900FPS for 60FPE. Very Powerful! THE BALLISTIC COEFFICIENT IS .04 AND NOT .4 AS I MISS SPOKE IN THE VIDEO Talon Tunes - www.TalonTunes.com Tony is a great guy and he will help you your airgun needs Annihilator Airguns and Tuning - www.annihilatorairgunsandtuning.com Troy is another great guy who can help you with your airgun needs

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