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The all new JSAR Raptor is a light weight monster. This is a high power, heavily optioned, side lever air rifle that is packed with features.
Lothar Walther Barrel
TJ's barrel for .25 Slug, .257, and .30
Interchangeable Barrel and Probe for Quick Caliber changes.
High Capacity Magazine
Externally Adjustable Regulator
350cc Carbon Bottle
2 Stage 4 Way Adjustable Trigger
Shrouded Barrel
1/2-20 LDC shroud cap
Built in Power Adjuster
Compatible with all AR-15 Stocks and Grips
Available in .177-.30 Cal
3 Spare Magazines Store in Picatinny Rail for sustained shooting
Extremely stiff, tensioned barrel
Under 7 pounds total weight
38" Overall Length without LDC, 43" with LDC
Gun does not include scope, bipod, or rail light
Power levels are still being dialed in, but anticipated power levels are as follows:
.177 - Up to 40fpe
.22 - Up to 60fpe
.25 - Up to 80fpe
.257- Up to 160fpe
.30 - Up to 150fpe


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