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 Teds Holdover / 360 Views /  19-01-2015

Jan 19th 2016 Special thanks to Professor Miles Epstein for his help on this one. (Added July 8, 2016). I wasn't expecting this level of traffic for this video. Consequently, I did not make it with the expectation of viewership beyond my subscribers. The chipmunks had become a nuisance to the land owner and were chewing through screens and invading the house - raiding food; defecating on floors. I baiting them for the purpose of extermination, and used the opportunity to create a lesson about animal physiology (and also feed the farm cats). As for the rabbits...I ate those myself. The addition of this description isn't likely to change any opinions of those who oppose hunting and pest control; derisive comments are sure to continue. But, at least I was considerate enough to expound. Additionally, this video is not monetized (and never was). So, if you still hate me because YOU watched a video YOU fully knew YOU did not want to see.....well, then I guess you are an idiot. ...and you can suck it. :)

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