Airgun Antidote / 139 Views /  12-11-2019

On the eternal hunt for the best ammo, we decided to ask a doctor. After all, these guys know the human body and should be able to recommend what would work best for penetration.

The doctor recommended a small blue pill. We were very skeptical at first, but who are we to question the opinion of the experts? So we got a few of the surprisingly expensive little thingies.

Of course we had to build just the right launcher for the tests. We settled for a partly collapsible slingshot crossbow with a comfortable handle that suits both left and right hand shooting. It also employs a specifically designed fork with a very attractive front sight. It even comes with an integrated dispenser for rubber care fluid!

Once the weapon has been prepared for some action (by means of a blue tool that turns the limb shaft into a ramrod straight shape), we started the tests. The little pill performed really well, even penetrated ballistic gelatin!

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