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16th Sept 2019
Hajimoto Edtion Features:
* Stock and Forearm OD Green Cerakoted.
* Barrel Shroud Tactical Grey Cerakoted.
* Bolt Handle Tactical Grey Cerakoted.
* Reduce hammer stop by 5/16″.
* Replace valve poppet with a high-performance poppet.
* Add end cap power adjuster 5/64″ Hex.
* Power adjuster port added in the rear of the stock.
* Forearm shroud modified to allow installation of HP Barrel Band.
* Install 1.5" section of Picatinny rail on lower forearm for bipod.
* Increase transfer ports in both receiver and barrel to 80% of bore size.
* Increase regulator pressure to 1350-1400 PSI for .22 (2000-2100 PSI for .25).
* Barrel breech chamfered and polished.
* Barrel crown refinished and polished.
* Barrel bore lapped and polished.
* Barrel shroud ventilated.
* Barrel shroud diffusers installed.
* Install HP Baffle stack.
* Install HP Air Stripper.
* Install HP Barrel Band.
* Install a genuine full adjustable two stage trigger group.
* Polish hammer.
* Polish hammer tube section.
* Full tune shot string results.
* Range time with original shot cards produced by the actual airgun.
* Full detailed rifle work-up sheets.
* 50 yard 2″ target group results.
* USPS Priority mail shipping.
Supply is limited!
$899.00 USD



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