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27th Sept 2019
The GAMO TC45 delivers massive power in a lightweight and quiet platform thanks to its integrated moderator and carbon fiber tank. Producing more than 400 foot pounds of energy while utilizing a 350-grain cast slug, there’s very little that the Gamo TC45 couldn’t put flat on it’s back. Shot count with the big cast ammo is a solid 5 shots. For hunters or target shooters who want a bit more speed and shot count, you only need to run lighter .457 round ball or cast ammo. Capable of nearly 1,000 FPS with 138-grain .457 pellets, and generating more than 300 foot pounds, the lethal range of the TC45 stretches to 100 yards and beyond.

The GAMO TC35 is very quiet due to the integrated moderator, and extremely lightweight thanks to the carbon fiber tank. This .35 caliber big bore airgun delivers up to 170 foot pounds shooting 190-grain cast ammo. On the other end of the scale, it can also deliver up to 30 to 40 shots on low-power, while still delivering exceptional energy and consistency. The TC35 is an extremely accurate and versatile precision big bore airgun capable of taking a wide range of medium-sized game, varmints and predators, as well as great fun on the range.

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