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Jan 12 2020 RTI Arms is preparing to release a new bullpup air rifle that has a lot to offer fans of this style of airgun!. It is called the Prophet and is a variation of the companies Priest model line. It is a compact, modular, multi-caliber design that is in vogue these days, and I have to say I really like this one! I met the head of RTI at the Extreme Benchrest Competition in Arizona a couple months ago, and he showed me the gun being used in the competition, where it was shot by the winner of the open class 50-yard BR Competition. I was able to send a few pellets down range and wanted to see more! We arranged through Airguns of Arizona to have the gun shipped to me where I had a few weeks to shoot it. I brought it on a hunting trip to Texas, but got rained out before I could use it. But as I only had the gun on a short loan, I wanted to at least get it out on a short hunt. It is very cold up here in Minnesota, but squirrel season is open through February so I decided to at least get out for as long I could deal with the frigid conditions. You can take the man out of southern California, but…..and all of that. Join me on this outing and see what happens. I’ve got another Prophet from the first production run on it’s way to me, so you’ll be seeing a lot more from this gun in 2020!

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