Utah Airguns / 1581 Views /  01-05-2020

FX Airguns continues to blow our minds! The FX Impact MKII is truly the most innovative and dynamic airgun on the market today. The brand new .35 caliber Impact was love at first trigger pull and we had to stretch its legs.

Pushing 81 grains of lead at 880 FPS was too tempting to not get out and shoot some pests. You won’t believe how hard this gun hits.

We of course had to put this gun through the Utah Airguns Pest Test! Ground squirrels were no match for this beast of a gun.

We are currently taking pre-orders on the FX Impact MKII .35 Caliber here:

Element Optics (Nexus):

Side-Shot GoPro Scope Camera:

DonnyFL Ronin Moderator:

Saber Tactical ARCA Rail:

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