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March 15th 2019 REX P 50 cal https://www.airgundepot.com/evanix-re... The Evanix Rex pellet pistol is a single shot, lightweight air pistol weighing in at 4 lbs. The Rex has true versatility and with the .22 and .25 caliber you'll get up to 12 shots. Cock the pistol with the underlever trigger guard. This pellet pistol comes in .22, .25 and .357 calibers. The Rex features a integrated, rear-mounted pressure gauge & metal stock. For easy transport, storage & replacement, the air cylinder detaches from the stock. The .22 caliber version offers 30 foot-pounds of energy (fpe), .25 cal delivers 37 fpe and with the .357 caliber Rex, you can get 95 fpe - awesome power for a PCP pellet pistol! Evanix Rex PCP Pellet Pistol Features Precharged pneumatic Underlever cocking action Single-shot Fill pressure 220 BAR (approx. 3,190 psi) Extremely lightweight, 4 lbs .22/.25 = 12 shots per fill, .357 = 5 shots per fill Ergonomic grip with finger grooves and texturing Rubber coating on insulated air cylinder for more comfortable cheek weld Integrated pressure gauge Manual safety .22 cal/900fps, .25 cal/810fps, .357 cal/700fps Unique cocking lever lock. Simply rotate out of the way when closing the lever to close the breech and make the gun ready to fire Fill probe included (1/8" BSPP male threads)

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