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The new 2020 model of the BUG-O-SALT Fly Killing Assault Rifle is called the BUG-O-SALT 2.0. The new BUG-O-SALT 2.0 is the most high quality and feature rich BUG-O-Salt to date. It features a powerful pneumatic cylinder that give you ample power when shooting flies. Shoot flys right out of the skit from 36 inches away. This precision fly killing machine shoots a tight pattern of just 4 inches at 3 feet away! Since we got the BUG-O-SALT 2.0 at my house, no one has touched a fly swatter...and we have a 100% kill rate! Try that with a fly swatter! No way! This comprehensive BUG-O-SALT 2.0 review covers everything you need to know about the BUG-O-SALT 2.0 in just 3 minutes in addition to a live demo of the BUG-O-SALT 2.0 in action. Starring Chauncy the fly! Thanks for watching and please hit the "LIKE" button on this one to make it the #1 BUG-O-SALT review on Youtube! See ya soon! -Nate

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