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April 8th 2013 The winds were gusty and cold this Thanksgiving. But, it didn't stop me and my family from having a bit of fun. A full belly of turkey and pie goes a long way to keep your spirit up. I zeroed the gun in at 30 yards; compensating for around 20mph (9m/s) of wind. Further distances and changes in wind speed needed to be compensated by the shooter. The rules are simple. One dollar to enter. Stay in the green target, or you are eliminated from the competition. The first round was shot at 30 yards. The 2nd at 35 yards. And the 3rd round was a sudden death - closest arrow takes all. I have a hunch this could become a family tradition. Had the weather been nicer, I know the contestant pool would have been at least twice as large. FX Verminator MK2 Extreme: http://www.fxairguns.com/rifle/the-ve... Where to buy it (U.S.): http://www.airgunsofarizona.com/FXVer... My Website: http://tedsholdover.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TedsHoldOver

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