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8th Jul 2020
FX Impact and Hybrid slug go hunting in West Texas, and answer the question, are airgun slugs any good for hunting?

I’m going to be heading out on a hunt in Southwest Texas, and have selected the Impact, with a sleeved barrel, for shooting the 22 grain .22 caliber Hybrid slug from FX.
It’s no secret that I am a big fan of the impact and have used the .30 on a few prairie dogs shoots, finding the accuracy at longer range to be quite outstanding.

But I am extremely interested to see how the gun does with these hybrid slugs and think this hunt will be a great field test for them. Hunting jackrabbits may require a shot at 100 yards, or a snap-shot at 10, and will give some idea of the ballistic and terminal performance.
The FX Impact is a known entity in the airgunning world, the modular design, multi-caliber via a barrel swap, adjustable furniture, regulated valve and adjustable power all in a compact bullpup design has resonated with the market.

When hunting jacks at this time of year, one of the things that I want is a flat shooting rig. The brush can be thick, and the shooting lane to the rabbit can be limited. If you projectile has a loopy trajectory, you are going to hit a branch long before you get to the rabbit.

My plan is to swap the daylight MTC scope for the ATN ThOR Thermal night vision to see if I can score on a fox or a bobcat. Again, I was curious to see how the slugs performed on larger quarry. I was also looking forward to using this gun/bullet combo for predator hunting. Nightime shooting can be difficult if the gun has a pronounce trajectory, because for me anyway, it is difficult to judge distance in this scenario.

So with that….. lets get down to the Lone Star State and see what we can put together!

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