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2nd Oct 2019
Out the box, scoped and to the table! I’m taking it to the range, we’re not here just to look at the guns let’s sling some lead! My first take on the Umarex Synergis .177 underlever 12 shot repeater…it’s definitely a great option and makes pellet reload so much easier and faster! Cock and shoot, cock and shoot, 12 times then change mags and do it again! I really like this one it’s a comfortable shooter, love the fixed barrel, the black synthetic stock, trigger guard and cocking handle! Everything else my friend is metal, that’s great quality! I’m shooting this one straight out the box, so this is what you’ll get! Next time we’re gonna get a work out as I break it in, sending a couple hundred shots down the shrouded barrel! There’s a lot more to come on this one, stay tuned! Man it’s a great time to be an airgunner!

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