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April 17th 2019 Airforce Airguns Texan does it again in the early hunting season! After this successful early deer season hunt here in Michigan, we got venison in the freezer from this young deer - perfect tender eating! I bought my AirForce Texan from AirgunDepot.com and is an absolute blast to tinker with and shoot,. Massive power even in its stock form right out of the box. During the hunt, the Airforce Texan .45 worked flawlessly as usual. It was a bit of a tricky shot, but it went down almost right away. For this hunt, I set up my gun with the African AIr Ordnance Super Valve from Lethal Air Airgun Shop. Increased my foot pounds of energy significantly and can now sling 350-grain slugs over 950 FPS! Also, notice how quiet the shot is with the DonnyFL Emperor suppressor. There were deer out in the field beyond my shot that startled for a bit but went back to eating. I think they don't know what to make of the airgun sound as it has a totally different report than a firearm. The Mad Dog Custom Rifle stock gives the frame a lot more rigidity as well helping with accuracy. Here are the direct links to the gear used in this video: Airforce Texan .45 Big Bore Airgun: https://www.airgundepot.com/airforce-... African Air Ordnance Super Valve: https://www.appalachian-airguns.com/4... DonnyFL Emperor Suppressor: https://donnyfl.com/collections/ldc/p... Mad Dog Customer Rifle Stock - Hunter Long: https://maddogriflestocks.net/shop/ai...

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