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 Hunters Vermin / 313 Views /  14-09-2020

After waiting for couple of storms to pass through and spending a few days second guessing the weather i was keen to get out in the fresh air and get my head shired which is Northern Irish for clearing your head out, didn't matter whether or not i got anything i just needed to get out.
This farm is pretty local to me and with 10 or more fields of barley on it it does attract a lot of crows and wood pigeons which in turn also attracts a lot of pigeon shooters which is good for the farmer as it does help protect any standing crop that hasn't been cut yet but it can be quiet heavily shot this time of year making decoying difficult but you never know unless you try.
Rifle John Bowkett Blueprinted BSA Superten .22cal 15ft/lb
Scope Nikko Stirling 4-16x44 Targetmaster LRX
Ammo JSB 15.9 grain Diabolo Exact Jumbo

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