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Aug 9th 2019 The AirForce Texan .257 is amazingly accurate at extreme long ranges and this video shows just how far this thing can go. This by far was the hardest long range challenge shot I have ever successfully completed. Period. 375 yard golf ball shot in pretty tricky wind for sure! This is my official submission video to AirGunDepot.com with both video angles showing the entire shot sequence from the moment on pulled the trigger on the successful impact shot and all the way through to me walking to the target to inspect the impact and recover the broken ball. I didn't show all my shots, but after dialing in my final MOA settings on my ColdShot adjustable base by shooting off the bench, I was able to hit the ball in 17 shots unsupported, standing, and shooting offhand. Here is the list of gear I used: AirForce Texan .257: https://www.airgundepot.com/airforce-... Hunters Supply 71 Grain Slugs: https://hunters-supply.com/air-256-25... Mad Dog Custom Rifle Stock - Recon RJ-6A: https://maddogriflestocks.net/shop/ai... DonnyFL Ronin Suppressor: https://donnyfl.com/collections/ldc/p... Heritage Arms ColdShot MOAB Adjustable Base: https://heritage-arms.com/product-cat... Hawke SIDEWINDER ED 10-50×60 TMX Scope: https://us.hawkeoptics.com/sidewinder... FX Pocket Radar Chronograph: https://www.airgundepot.com/fx-radar-... Huma External Regulator: https://www.huma-air.com/External-inl...

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