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The FX Crown Continuum combines some new extremes to this already versatile platform, taking the Crown to a whole new level. The Crown Continuum comes with both a compact 380mm barrel and a 700mm barrel. The compact 380mm Smooth Twist X barrel was created with the hunter in mind. This compact Crown is a fantastic hunting platform for areas where a long barrel is inconvenient. The Crown Continuum also includes the match winning 700mm Smooth Twist X barrel for when length isn’t an issue. You get two barrels at almost the same price as the standard Crown, providing the utmost versatility of what the Continuum can do. Both barrels feature the new FX Superlight STX barrels.

The Superlight STX uses a newly engineered and imagined barrel housing to hold the STX liner. The liner is no longer housed in a long steel tube, but rather is now placed in a very sturdy barrel attachment section that results in a more rigid barrel. The strength this design imparts to the barrel is part of the reason the Crown can handle a 700mm barrel. The shroud on the Superlight STX barrel is a fixed shroud with an included FX Moderator (1/2” UNF).

The action of the Crown also received an upgrade. The previous dovetail scope rail has been replaced with an integrated picatinny rail. To further ensure that the barrel is rigid, this new action has four set screws to secure the barrel in place (two screws coming in at an angle on either side of the action). The FX Crown Continuum is available in Synthetic, Walnut, and all current Crown Laminate versions including the brand new Yellowjacket Laminate. Available in .22 caliber and .25 caliber only, the Continuum starts shipping in June 2019.


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