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April 28th 2018 Follow the link to check out all of our social media accounts and affiliates! + https://linktr.ee/shooter_media_outlet + 205 yard FX Streamline 22 cal Airgun Depot Exploding Golfball Long Ranger Challenge Huge shoutout to FX Airguns, JSB pellets & Airgun Depot for making this video possible! The Streamline from FX airguns represents the first true foray for FX into the entry level airgun market, but just because it costs less doesn't mean you get less. We have tested the streamline extensively and found it to be one of the most accurate PCP rifles available. The Streamline, though more affordable than its counterparts, fully lives up to the FX name. Features of the Streamline include a smooth side-lever cocking mechanism, manual safety located just underneath the cocking lever, the FX two-stage match trigger, an 11-shot rotary mag (10-shot in .25 cal / 13-shot in .177 cal), and a 3-step adjustable power selector. The hammer-spring can be adjusted at the back of the breech. The barrel is fully shrouded and also comes with two FX standard moderator sections. Of course the shroud is wrapped around the world class FX Smooth Twist barrel. Simply the best barrel system for pellets we've ever shot. Much has been written about this technique, but essentially it is a smooth bore barrel for the first 95% of the barrel, allowing the pellet to achieve maximum velocity, which is then twisted at the end with externally indented rifling (so not traditional rifling that can leave imperfections) that introduces the perfect amount of stabilizing spin to the pellet. As with many of our favorite air rifles, we've put together a combo of some of our favorite accessories that make the Streamline even better. This combo gives you everything you need to get out shooting and make the most out of your Streamline. The FX Streamline Long Range Sniper Combo comes equipped with a Hawke 6-24x44 Vantage Side Focus scope and a set of Leapers high profile rings. The Vantage 6-24x44 provides a crisp image and with its side focus and Mil-Dot reticle it's perfect for ranging and making holdover adjustments on longer shots. The high profile rings put the scope at the perfect height for the stock comb making sure you get the best sight picture possible. To make sure that the Streamline is extra quiet we also included 2 extra sections for the moderator so your rifle is whisper quiet. If you have been wanting to get serious about airgun small game hunting or long range target shooting this is the package to do it! FX Streamline Long Range Sniper Combo Feature Includes Hawke Vantage Side Focus scope (a $209.99 Value) Includes 2 extra moderator sections ( a $51.98 Value) Sidelever cocking action FX Smooth Twist Barrel Rotary Magazine fed action 3-step power adapter to lower power and extend shot count per fill Full adjustable two-stage match trigger Internally regulated Non-removable 190cc aluminum air cylinder (250cc in .25 cal) Max fill pressure is 230 bar (3,300 psi) Aluminum cylinder, shroud and action features a fingerprint resistant finish Shrouded barrel comes with two moderator sections (additional sections sold separately to lower dB even more) Quick fill port with integrated dust cover (uses FX fill probe) https://www.airgundepot.com/fx-stream... Follow the link to check out all of our social media accounts and affiliates! https://linktr.ee/shooter_media_outlet ******* Follow Us AT: ******* shooter1721.com

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