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 Teds Holdover / 160 Views /  30-12-2011

Dec 30th 2011 I only got to showing you 47 of them. But, I assure you that I saw well over 100 on my recent visit to Airguns of Arizona. Not much rhyme or reason as to which guns were shown and which were not. AirArms, BSA, Theoben, Air Force, Crosman, Gamo, Hammerli, ect were all conspicuously absent. We just started grabbing guns in the order they were displayed, and kept cranking until time was up. It was AoA's grand opening on this day, so we had to wait until things settled down (which was well after the sun set). All the more reason for a return trip, eh? ;) I was also in the Grand Canyon State for the Extreme Benchrest competition. http://www.airgunsofarizona.com/ http://www.facebook.com/TedsHoldOver The guns, in order. WEIHRAUCH HW97 Synthetic HW97 HW97 Blue Laminate HW77 HW90 HW80 HW35 HW95 Luxus HW98 HW50 Stainless HW50 HW30 HW30 Deluxe HW25 DAYSTATE Huntsman Classic Huntsman Buckmaster Air Ranger Air Ranger Extreme MK4 Sporter MK4 Thumbhole MK4 Panther Target Air Wolf MCT Air Wolf MCT Tactical FX Royale 400 Independence Independence Elite Gladiator MK2 Cutlas (Superswift) Cutlas Walnut Royale 200 Cyclone Synthetic Monsoon Biathalon T12 Whisper WALTHER Lever Action Nickel RWS 350 Pro Compact 350 350 Panther 34 Pro 34 Pro Compact 48 56 Target Hunter 470 54 Recoiless 460 240 34 Centennial Beeman/Weihrauch model comparison Weihrauch HW30S Beeman R7 Weihrauch HW40 Beeman P3 Weihrauch HW45 Beeman P1 Weihrauch HW50S Beeman R8 Weihrauch HW75 Beeman P2 Weihrauch HW77/HW77K Marksman 60/61 Weihrauch HW80 Beeman R1 Weihrauch HW85 Beeman R10 Weihrauch HW90 Beeman RX-1 Weihrauch HW95 Beeman R9 Weihrauch HW98 Beeman R11 / Marksman 58-FTS Weihrauch HW99S Beeman R6

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