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RAINSON EDGE X .22 CAL PCP – Full GRiP Review - Gateway to Airguns Airgun Review

16 September 2023 / 119 views / Gateway To Airguns

RAINSON EDGE X .22 CAL PCP – Full GRiP Review - Gateway to Airguns Airgun Review

This the full GRiP Review on the Rainson Edge X .22 cal PCP. This is a bull pup from Airguns of Arizona, Let’s GRiP it!

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For more information on Products Used:
Rainson Edge X .22 caliber pcp
Hawke Vantage 30 FFP 4-16X50

Atlas V8 Accu-Shot Bipod

H&N Sport Baracuda 18

H&N Sport Terminators

Predator JSB MK II Knockout slugs


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GTA Content Disclaimer
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