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FX Pocket Chronograph v2! Smaller and Rechargeable! FX Airguns Chronograph

13 September 2023 / 366 views / FX Airguns

FX Pocket Chronograph v2! Smaller and Rechargeable! FX Airguns Chronograph

The original FX Chronograph changed airguns by providing the
most important tool a modern shooter must have, in a compact, portable
unit. Now FX Airguns is pleased to introduce the even smaller and
improved FX Pocket Chronograph v2.

The v2 Pocket Chronograph is more pocket sized than ever at just
under the size of a 2” cube. It now has an internal battery that is recharged
through an included USB-C cord. Multiple mounts are also included that
allows the shooter to attach the chronograph to their rifle in multiple ways.
The chronograph itself is a wireless radar-based chronograph. It communicates via Bluetooth to either your smart phone or the FX Chronograph Display (sold separately). The app (available for both iOS and
Android) does more than just show the feet per second of the projectile. It
allows users to store multiple rifle profiles, shows shot strings, standard
deviations, extreme spreads and much more.

The chronograph itself can be used for more than just airguns. Any
projectile travelling under 1250 FPS can be accurately measured. This
includes subsonic rifles, pistols, CO2 air rifles, paintball and more.
Since the FX Pocket Chronograph v2 uses radar technology, it will
work in any weather conditions, even complete darkness. Unlike other
chronographs, no external light sources are needed. Simply attach the
chronograph, open the FX Radar app on your phone, and start shooting!


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