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How to TUNE THE RED PANDA - Karma Airguns (DIY Tutorial)

08 May 2024 / 47 views / DonnyFL

How to TUNE THE RED PANDA - Karma Airguns (DIY Tutorial)

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00:00 Intro
00:41 What you need
02:45 Regulator Pressure
04:15 Asking a Favor
05:00 Hammer Spring
06:20 First Reading
07:19 One of 3 Things
08:10 Adjusting the Regulator
09:53 CAUTION #1
10:38 CAUTION #2
12:10 Reading the Hammer Spring Adjustment
12:50 RECAP
13:33 Easter Egg??
14:00 Transfer Port Adjustment
15:39 Final Thoughts

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