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Best Hunting Rifle Scope 2021

18 September 2021 / 590 views / Cyclops Videos

Best Hunting Rifle Scope 2021

Guys here are my picks for the Best Hunting Rifle Scopes for 2021 . I separated them in $100 groups going from $100 up to $1000 and included a bonus pick also . I sincerely hope this list helps you pick out the proper scope for your needs and budget . I chose every scope with an eye towards reliability, quality , optical brightness and eye box , and experience with the scopes listed . Below you will see the scopes listed in the review and some discount codes I have from some of the optics dealers and makers to save you some money . Thanks as always for watching Cyclops Videos.

Scopes highlighted in this video.

$100 Hawke Vantage 2-7
$200 Sig Sauer Whiskey 3 3-9
$300 Vortex Hog Hunter 3-12x56
$400 SWFA SS Ultralight 2.5-10
$500 Leupold vx3hd 3.5-10
$600 Meopta 2.5-15
$700 Swarovski z3 3-9x36
$800 Burris Verocity 5-20
$900 Delta Titanium 1.5-9x42
$1000 Zeiss Conquest 4-16
$1500 Leica 2.5-15x50

Guys here are some links that will help you save some money and get you entered into giveaways and discounts on scopes .

ARKEN OPTICS link . Use my code CYCLOPS at checkout to be automatically entered in a monthly give away . It is also an affiliate link which helps support my channel .

BLACKHOUND OPTICS link , shop and use my CYCLOPS code at checkout will guarantee free shipping and save you 5%

ACCUFIRE OPTICS link , use my code CYCLOPS at Accufire to save 5% on any Accufire Purchase.

VALDADA OPTICS . Use my code when you call Valdada on the Phone and save 10% on any VALDADA purchase. Must be done by phone . Link to Valdada .

If you guys would like to help support my channel directly it would mean more to me and my channel than you can imagine , Thanks in Advance .

PAYPAL . Here is a link to my paypal account so you can help support my channel directly if you choose . You guys cannot know how much it means

PATREON . Here is also a link to my Patreon account for guys who want to help keep BS Free reviews coming . You guys are the best .

Every video you see here is sponsor free . I accept no money or other compensation upfront for any review or video . Many times the item reviewed is donated to my channel , that’s how I can have so many giveaways to my viewership. Enjoy my channel , and share with your friends

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