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Guys vs Girls What's your favorite position: Challenge 2

08 July 2024 / 59 views / American Airgunner

Guys vs Girls What's your favorite position: Challenge 2

Welcome to The Airgunner Mini-Challenge - Influencer Edition! We will follow 8 competitors (social media influencers) who have honed their shooting skills while working in the firearm industry. Rossi will challenge them to some of the wildest competitions our team has ever dreamed up while shooting the hottest and most advanced airguns on the market today!

Competing this season will be two U.S. Army Vets, a Naked and Afraid Finalist, a Navy SEAL Vet, Firearm YouTuber/Video Creator, a U.S.M.C. Vet, an Outdoorsman and Huntress, and a Call of Duty character! - Only one will be walking away with $25,000 and the title of Airgunner Champion.

Today's challenge will utilize the multi-shot breakbarrel airgun from Umarex. The Umarex Emerge as it is known as, has become a popular entry level airgun. Capable of quick follow-up shots with the Emerge's magazine system, plinkers as well as small game hunters have gravitated to this new platform. @gunsouttv @pewview

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