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The Best Airgun for Long Range hunting!

05 November 2023 / 254 views / American AirgunHunter

The Best Airgun for Long Range hunting!

Looking for the best airgun for long range hunting, I take the BRK Ghost Air Rifle on a hunt in SD for Prairie Dogs. This hunt took me to the Oglala Sioux tribal lands on a prairie dog shoot. The Ghost had served me well the week before hunting jackrabbits in S. Texas, but now I was going to put it to the test with some long-range shooting!

The BRK Ghost is the first .30 caliber rifle out of Brocock and it was an outstanding performer. accuracy at range, powerful, easy to shoot this gun ticked the boxes for me. If you're looking for a bottle forward design, this one deserves a place on your shortlist.

I was staying at and hunting with Sobo's Outfitters, an excellent service and facilities that I can't say enough about, if you want to set up a hunt like this one give Nate a call.
00:00 Introduction
01:33 The BRK Ghost
03:05 Out on the shoot!
11:11 Time to go home.

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