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Umarex SA10 Review - Dual Ammo CO2 Action Pistol - VERY COOL STUFF! - Video by AirgunWebTV

06 April 2019 / 102 views / Airgun Web Media Group

April 6th 2019 Let’s talk about the Umarex SA10 dual ammo co2 action pistol. This great new pistol lets you shoot bbs for affordability, and pellets for accuracy. Its drop out mag holds the co2 and up to 4 8 round cylinders ready to go. Getting over 430 FPS with alloy pellets and producing great accuracy, this little pistol from Umarex gives shooters something that’s a lot of fun as well as very practical. Man it’s a great time to be an airgunner!!! My Sponsor: PyramydAir - Get your gear from the airgun experts! Get it from! Products: Umarex SA10 Umaerex SA10 Extra Magazine Umarex Precision BBs Hornady Black Diamond BBs Umarex CO2 About AirgunWeb & Dog River Design, LLC. Thank you for watching and AirgunWebTV. For more information, or to learn how to have your products represented on the show, please visit: and AirgunWeb & AirgunWebTV are produced by Dog River Design, LLC. AirgunWeb & AirgunWebTV Content Disclaimer:

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