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The PCP SHOTGUN by SERPENT ARMS (28 Guage) Full Review of the 550L Air Shotgun

31 March 2024 / 145 views / Airgun Channel

The PCP SHOTGUN by SERPENT ARMS (28 Guage) Full Review of the 550L Air Shotgun

This is one PCP airgun review you don't want to miss! Serpent Arms out of Wisconsin, USA, has invented a formidable 28 gauge air powered PCP shotgun complete with its own shot shell ammo. The shot shells fired by this powerful and accurate PCP air rifle are called Rattler Loads and they come in a variety of flavors including 1/2 oz Steel Shot and #6 Lead Shot. As well, the Rattler Loads can be filled with any ammo you want to use! This full review of the Serpent Arms 550L PCP shotgun will give you an up close look at this amazing new air powered shotgun as well as show you the power and accuracy the 550L PCP Shotgun is capable of. 

The Rattler Load shot shell is also available for the .72 caliber AEA Zeus, .50 caliber Seneca Dragon Claw 2, .50 caliber Air Force Texan, and the .50 caliber Umarex Hammer PCP rifles.  You an find all that and more at Serpent Arms Airguns by clicking here:
* Serpent Arms 550L Shotgun for sale:
* Serpent Arms Online Store for Shot Shells etc.:

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Thanks for watching! -Nate 

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